Loire valley wine

Wine tour in Anjou Loire Valley

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Embark on a wine tour in Anjou and enjoy meandering among vines and vineyards. Take in the splendid slopes overlooking the Loire and a host of picturesque villages. Now is the time to taste some of the many local appellations and appreciate the rich variety of your surroundings.

Cool bubbles

Stop off for a tasting session at one of the many welcoming vineyards along the Anjou wine route.

Take a guided tour of the tufa stone cellars at Saint-Hilaire-Saint-Florent and learn all about the various stages in making traditional gently sparkling wine (Ackerman, Bouvet-LadubayLanglois-château, Gratien & Meyer, Louis de Grenelle, Veuve Amiot). A glass of methode traditionnelle Saumur brut is rarely as pleasurable as when sampled under the cool limestone arches where it was made.

Trails without the trials

Getting around is never a problem in Anjou’s vineyards. Walkers, cyclists and riders are all catered for but if you prefer to relax then opt for the little train at Chalonnes-sur-Loire or soar away from the Château de Brissac in a hot air balloon.


There’s a special wine-themed hiking trail in Le Puy Notre-Dame and a mountain bike route around the vineyards of Coteaux du Layon and Coteaux de l’Aubance. Parents and children alike enjoy the Wine Museum at Saint-Lambert-du-Lattay. Call in at the Maison des Vins de Loire in Angers or Saumur and you’ll understand what makes Anjou wines so special.

Spoilt for choice

The numerous wine bars and restaurants in the area proudly serve many of the 32 Anjou wine appellations or try a fruit liqueur from one of the distilleries in the area, such as famous Cointreau, Combier or Giffard.

To prolong the pleasure of a trip to the vineyards, take advantage of the wide range of B&B or self-catering accommodation on offer. Make yourself at home on a wine growing estate, in a chateau or a manor house.

There are also plenty of opportunities to raise your glass in celebration: the heritage, wine and art festival in Aubigné-sur-Layon, or the Festivini wine festival in and around Saumur, to name but two. Cheers!