Anjou tourism agency - Who we are?

We are an association founded by the département (administrative area, similar to county) of Maine-et-Loire in accordance with article L132-2 of the French code of tourism and act n°92-1341 of 23rd December 1992 on the distribution of competence in the field of tourism.

The role of the Anjou tourism agency (ADT) is to:

  • draw up and implement tourism policy for Maine-et-Loire,
  • examine and propose measures to develop tourism and improve infrastructure in the département,
  • promote the creation and development of tourist products and services, tours and holiday packages designed to increase tourist frequentation and tourism revenue,
  • support bodies whose vocation is to receive visitors or provide tourist accommodation, to ensure that tourists are well received, that there are plenty of events and that local history and attractions are adequately promoted,
  • promote Anjou as a holiday destination within France and abroad, with help from the Pays de la Loire regional tourist board,
  • undertake the promotion and marketing of the tourist products and services within the département,
  • implement actions directly or indirectly association with tourism,
  • coordinate, support and represent local tourist offices.