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The Garden of France

Enjoy a journey to the heart of a land that is nicknamed “the garden of France.” Anjou also borrows inspiration from international influences – for King René brought back plants and flowers from his Mediterranean travels. Today, Angers is the greenest town in France: you’re never more than 500 metres away from a green space! There are also 230 beautiful parks and gardens across Anjou.

Our Favourite Gardens

The first European garden dedicated to plants, Terra Botanica, hosts over 290,000 visitors a year and features plants and flowers from all 5 continents. There are many games and activites to discover during your visit, like the emblematic balloon that flies over the gardens.


At Camifolia, Anjou’s living partnership with its land takes a therapeutic turn. Stroll through an astounding array of aromatic, medicinal, and even poisonous plants. And, why not try some plant-based refreshments at the “Jardin Gourmand?”


A tribute to the emblem of our friends across the Channel, the Chemins de la Rose in Doué-la-Fontaine is a showcase for 13,000 roses in an English garden that covers 4 hectares.


For a truly Zen experience, head to the Parc Oriental de Maulévrier. It only takes a few steps inside this authentic Japanese garden to be calmed and soothed.


You can visit the grounds of several Anjou châteaux, including the English gardens at Brissac and the Château d’Angers gardens. Or, simply stroll through the gorgeous public parks that oxygenate town and country alike.