The Vélo Francette

The Vélo Francette® from Normandy to the Atlantic

©P. Beltrami , The Vélo Francette

In Anjou, the Vélo Francette® follows the prettiest circuits along 128km of natural preserved sites.

At the heart of Anjou

Travel along the banks of the Mayenne to the confines of Poitou, with a former royal resting spot between Angers and Saumur, and discover an old rail track restored especially for hiking lovers.


Follow the shores of Mayenne if you want to dodge the traffic. The old towpath that follows the course of the Mayenne is also navigable for 106 km and has become known as one of the most beautiful ‘greenways’ in France today. The Angevin route offers a pastoral walk of 42 km following the current, where you may cross paths with pleasure boats, on your way to the Angevin city.


Focus on the Thouet Valley: the Thouet route is a memorable journey of 140 km along the river Thouet. Both quiet and relaxing, the charming, bucolic valley of Thouet is ideal for a bike ride and getting away from it all.