The Loire Valley by Bike, V47 Cycle Route

Starting at the sources of the Loir (Saint Eman Eure-et-Loir), this route was built mostly on a 240 km long shared road, skirts the Loir and joins Angers, at the heart of the Vallées Basses (the Angevin low valleys).

Lose yourself in nature

Away from the hustle and bustle of the cities, the Loir Valley is a discreet paradise located to the north of its big sister, The Loire Valley. The Loir has lots going for it thanks to its vineyards, limestone hills, castles and old ruins.


The angevine journey starting in La Flèche, offers a nature tour dotted with amazing visits, such as Rairies, the former village of brickmakers Durtal nestled at the foot of the old royal fortress, « Villevêque » artistic and recreational breaks...


Thanks to its many dams, the Loir flows for over 300 km, houses a succession of mills and peaceful bodies of water. Swimming, canoeing or ferry crossing over the rivers Sarthe, Mayenne and Maine, there are many different ways to navigate or cross the rivers. As you approach Angers, the low Angevin valleys will reveal their special features.