The Loire by bike

The Loire by bike: circuits around Anjou

©D. Darrault , Le Thoureil

If you like cycling, you’ll love the Loire area! Discover the Loire’s bike circuits at your own pace in one of the most beautiful areas in France: the Val de Loire.

A landscape full of treasures

Between Montsoreau and Saumur, on the left bank, go down a few hundred meters into the bowels of the earth in the heart of the troglodyte and wine-growing hillside of Souzay-Champigny. This is a new circuit, which should be extended over time. Anjou has around sixty islands! Following this circuit, you will pass near some of them. They have been built up or modified over the years. Béhuard and its church are built on a rock, and Chalonnes-sur-Loire is the largest island to be inhabited and farmed.


With the regional train that follows the river, you can get on or off with your bike whenever you like, for the entire length of the “Loire à Vélo” circuit, with spectacular views on either bank. Just as bike paths invite you to take in the natural Loire shores and troglodyte houses, the vineyards of Saumur lead you towards unsuspected medieval cities, to the impressive underground castle at Brezé that looks like it’s straight out of a fairytale…