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Journey into the Deep at the Mine Bleue

©M. Serreau , Mine bleue

The Mine Bleue invites you to unearth the secrets of slate at a former extraction site: the Gatelière in Noyant-la-Gravoyère. At the heart of Anjou Bleu, discover the Angevin miners’ rich history and heritage.

The Mine Bleue: Descend on an Adventure

A unique visit in Europe, this 126-metre descent underground invites you to slip into the shoes of a miner in the early 20th century! The miners’ little train brings you to the core of the tunnels and the original extraction chambers whose dimensions are most impressive. Then, the guided tour gives you a glimpse into the lives of the miners, including hacking away at rock walls and cutting up of giant blocks of schist that weighed up to 7 tons.


The tour retraces the story of Angevin miners, their daily life and the pages of history that have been blackened by their work. After an hour in the company of the “men down below,” you’ll then return to the surface to rejoin the “men up top.” 


Under the wooded mound that has been converted into an activity space, find the authentic work of the log cutters, who fabricate the slate into its different sizes and shapes. When you leave the mine, don’t forget to look up…at the village houses and the number of roofs that are decked out in slate, which give them their famous gray-blue hue.

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