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Château d'Angers

Chateaux in the Loire Valley

Anjou Loire Valley castles are more than monuments! Mostly inhabited, the major ones come alive by day or night in vibrant cultural events. On or off the beaten track, a remarkable 1,200...

Loire Valley, World Heritage Site

The Loire Valley, a UNESCO treasure in Anjou

Anjou Loire Valley is the perfect destination for nature and culture lovers alike! You’ll find here one of the finest stretches of France’s longest river and its remarkable...

Loire Valley vineyards

Loire Valley wines and vineyards

If exploring vineyards takes your fancy, it’ll interest you to know that Anjou has the widest range of wines in the Loire Valley area. And there’s no compromise on quality! With 32...


Saumur, les écuyers du temps        
From 03/07 to 23/08

Saumur, les Ecuyers du Temps

Three evenings a week, Saumur Castle comes alive in a Sound and Light Show starring 150...

From 06/09 to 14/09


A week-long celebration in and around Saumur to mark the grape harvest season.

Accroches coeur        
From 12/09 to 14/09

Les Accroche-Cœurs

Street festivities take over Angers’ town centre turning its decorated streets and...

Musicales du Cadre Noir        
From 15/10 to 19/10

Les Musicales du Cadre Noir

Live music from a classical orchestra and special lighting effects provide the magic...

Mondial du Lion-d'Angers        
From 16/10 to 19/10

Mondial du Lion d'Angers

An exceptional international three day event (dressage, cross country and showjumping)...