What we do?

The Anjou tourism agency (ADT - Anjou Tourism) is an association that works within the framework of the law relative to the distribution of competence in the field of tourism (act of 23rd December 1992).

The ADT Anjou (Anjou tourism agency) draws up and implements tourism policy for Maine-et-Loire, under the aegis of the Maine-et-Loire council. It works in partnership with local private and institutional tourism bodies, on four main themes.

Strategy and prospects

Alongside the Maine-et-Loire Chamber of Commerce, the ADT is responsible for the Dispositif d’Alliances du Tourisme en Anjou (DATA), which works on tourism projects concerning the whole sector (i.e. drafting a guide for tourist project managers in Anjou, continuing professional development etc.) as well as county-wide investments and events. By sharing resources and setting common goals, we avoid any “who does what” issues in Anjou.


The ADT coordinates the touristic development scheme (currently under revision, see below), hiking routes, bridle paths and river routes as well as tourist signposting in Maine-et-Loire. It deals with studies, planning, networks and chains, seeking funds and grants, organising events and performs economic intelligence, working with local professionals, councils and investors.

Public Relations & Marketing

The ADT’s communication and promotion department makes sure that the general public and tourism professionals see Anjou as a major tourist destination.

Among the communication vectors used to publicise tourism in Anjou are websites and printed publications such as magazines, themed brochures, guides and press kits. 

The ADT defines and implements promotional campaigns in France and abroad, in partnership with the Regional Agency of Pays-de-Loire (regional public company), targeting both the general public and tourism professionals. These campaigns are part of an overall action plan and strategy.

For media and non-media campaigns (web marketing, trade fairs, posters, TV etc.), the ADT sets up partnerships with local tourist professionals, private or public, to boost Anjou’s image coherently and enthusiastically.

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