Cave dwelling in Anjou

Anjou is often admired for its multitude of underground activities! The local inhabitants have long been in the habit of tunnelling caves for storage or accommodation. More recently, the caves are becoming unusual premises for artists’ studios, restaurants, B&Bs and concert halls.

Troglodyte B&B in Anjou        

Dig deep!

Alongside its architectural, wine growing and equestrian treasures, the region of Saumur boasts one of the largest subterranean galleries in Europe.

In the cliffs overhanging the Loire and beneath the plains around Doué-la-Fontaine there are 1,200 kilometres of tunnels, galleries and caves just waiting to be explored.

Take advantage of a hot day to go underground. You’ll find a whole host of sights, from wine cellars to a château, a nature park, museums and elegant homes… there’s even an underground discotheque! If you’re feeling peckish, try a fouace, a bread snack baked in troglodyte ovens that’s delicious stuffed with locally grown mushrooms.

Stay in a cave – an out-of-this-world experience

Spend a night, a weekend or more in the Anjou caves. Cave dwelling is a lifestyle in itself, as any local will tell you. Explore the nooks and crannies of these partially hidden habitations. Whether it’s just the two of you, the whole family or a group of friends, a break in a cave is a fascinating experience!

Troglodyte accommodation includes charming guesthouses, comfortable B&Bs and even a luxury hotel with an inviting swimming pool carved out of the rock. Now that’s something to write home about! Whatever your troglodyte experience, it will definitely be different!