Out of the ordinary

Do you want the peace of the sticks with the comforts of modern life? Then try something out of the ordinary in Anjou Loire Valley! You’ll be ideally situated to explore the flora, fauna, and rich cultural heritage of this UNESCO world heritage site.

Something to write home about…

Experience the inimitable troglodytic lifestyle for a few nights! Europe’s largest collection of tunnels and caves are clustered around Saumur, housing B&Bs and restaurants, plus a range of amazing activities.

Imagine the Loire Valley from a hot air balloon - or glimpsing one from the deck of a historic wooden Loire sailboat… You can cruise France’s largest network of rivers in a modern houseboat, or explore Anjou’s forests, valleys and vineyards by bike or on horseback.

Then tuck up in a gyspy caravan, taste the nomad’s life in a yurt, fill your lungs with fresh air outside your bargeman’s hut on stilts - or star-gaze in bed! Carré d’étoiles cabin homes have telescopes and a special skylight for admiring the constellations.


    Anjou is often admired for its multitude of underground activities! The local inhabitants have long been in the habit of tunnelling caves for storage or...