Lording it in the Loire Valley castles

Hospitality comes naturally in Anjou Loire Valley. There are no less than 1,200 chateaux in the region and their owners recount the glorious past of their magnificent abodes with pride. Spend a weekend here and you’ll soon feel at home in your noble surroundings.

Loire Valley castle        

Refinement in a romantic setting

From the second you turn in to the elegant tree-lined driveway, you know your stay in Anjou is going to be special.

In a Loire Valley castle, staircases, stone floors, furnishings and fittings are all unique and each has a story to tell. Although at first you might feel overwhelmed by such grandeur, after a while you will revel in the splendour of your surrounds.

Many castles are also luxury guest houses or hotels in which to spend an enthralling few days. Just imagine yourself curling up with a book in the library, a game of pool, then a leisurely walk in
the park before a sumptuous candlelit dinner.

A warm welcome is the hallmark of Anjou

Don’t miss the chance to stay in one of the gorgeous homes in the “Bienvenue au château” network.

The scheme lists some 130 castle guesthouses in the west of France, including more than 20 in Anjou. François de Valbray, one of the network’s founding members, would be delighted to greet you on the steps of his home, the Château des Briottières to the north of Angers. Your hosts will be happy to advise you on what else to visit.

If you have set your heart on a trip to Saumur, then look no further than the Château de Verrières, ideally located in the town centre.

Fly high or simply float by

Take in the splendour of the Anjou countryside aboard a hot air balloon in the grounds of the château in Brissac and get a bird’s eye view of the vines and vast estates. For some fantastic photo opportunities amble along the river in a houseboat and see the chateaux from yet another angle. Whichever way you look at it, an excursion to the Loire Valley castles is an unforgettable experience!