Castle breaks

Taste the lifestyle of a lord as you admire an architectural flowering spanning from the Middle Ages through to the Renaissance! With 1,200 châteaux, Anjou Loire Valley offers the very best in castle breaks.

Make a Frenchman’s castle your home

“Bienvenue au château” cordially invites you to the sumptuous comfort of a Duke’s residence! Fine châteaux-hotels also welcome guests warmly.

Although not all offer accommodation, most of Anjou Loire Valley’s châteaux are still inhabited, and richly furnished with ancestral treasures that are well worth seeing. Exciting events bring monuments alive, providing entertainment for all ages.

Stroll through castle gardens while your children hunt for Easter eggs, or enjoy unusual historical insights into the Dukes of Anjou in a sound and light show! For a different perspective on Anjou’s architectural heritage, you could take to the skies in a hot air balloon, or sail at your own pace past riverside country seats.