Loire Valley Wines & Gastronomy

With an ideal climate, varied soils and more vineyards than anywhere else in the Loire Valley, Anjou is famed for its fine wines as far afield as America and Japan. Its gastronomy is second to none, and famous liqueurs complete the cocktail of delights!

Have a feast!

Wine-tasting is a superb way to explore Anjou, whether in the caves of Saumur or the vineyards, villages and châteaux of the Layon and Aubance valleys.

Savennières, with its old stone walls and fine dry white, is a must for connoisseurs! Travel by car, on foot, bicycle or horseback, or even aboard a hot air balloon! Go it alone, or take part in festive events like the Translayon and Festivini.

Gastronomy in this fertile region is marked not by a special dish but an array of culinary delights based on the abundance of local produce. This ranges from pork to Loire river fish, luscious veg and fruits to edible flowers, and even cave-grown mushrooms!

For a digestif, reach for a name you know, for Anjou is the home of Cointreau