Outstanding Loire Valley gardens

No need to be a botanist to relish the gardens in Anjou. Enjoy a walk among a myriad of roses, sniff the aromas of medicinal plants, or gasp at Europe’s largest Japanese-style park! Temperate climes and centuries of passion make Anjou Loire Valley a flourishing part of the Garden of France.

Terra Botanica        

A blossoming history of green fingers

It all began with Good King René 600 years ago!  Anjou’s untiring fervour for botany has made it today an internationally recognised centre of plant diversity, and a thriving centre of teaching, research and horticultural production.

At Terra Botanica, the first European theme park devoted to plant life, enthusiasts will love the thousands of annotated species. Non-experts can enjoy the landscape from a self-propelled boat with commentary or try some 4D cinema! Fun permeates discovery in this dazzling 40-acre site.

In Camifolia, Anjou’s living partnership with its soils takes a therapeutic turn. Stroll through an astounding array of aromatic, medicinal and even poisonous plants. And perhaps try some plant-based refreshments in the “Jardin Gourmand”!

Indulge your senses

Did you know that a large proportion of the nation’s rose bushes come from Anjou? At the Roseraie - Chemins de la Rose, near Doué-la-Fontaine, you can feast your eyes on an amazing 15,000 blooms, spreading their heady scent through the lush park. Even the keenest devotee will spot new varieties, with 1,450 growing here - and there’s expert advice, if you need any.

 For a truly Zen experience, come to the Parc Oriental de Maulévrier. Dating back to the early 20th Century, this authentic Japanese garden inspires tranquil harmony, along with awe.

You can visit the grounds of several Anjou châteaux, including the English gardens at Brissac, or simply stroll through the gorgeous public parks that oxygenate town and country alike.