Gardens & Nature in Loire Valley

Woods and marshy valleys teeming with wildlife, flower-filled plains, rolling hillside vineyards, and several rivers including the Loire make Anjou a paradise for nature lovers! Not to mention its stunning gardens and parks…

Thoroughly deserving of its UNESCO status

With horticultural roots over six centuries-old, it’s not surprising Anjou is part of the Garden of France and an international centre of excellence. Vegepolys unites varied skills in a cluster of companies and research and teaching units. Flowers, seeds, bulbs, medicinal plants, new fruit varieties – the region’s output is staggering!

Anjou’s love-affair with its fertile soils has shaped Camifolia, the Parc Oriental de Maulévrier, the Roseraie - Chemins de la Rose and Europe’s first plant theme park, Terra Botanica. And spacious gardens and parks bring nature into the very heart of town.

Enjoy the serenity of the Loire, a haven for birds, or visit the exquisite grounds of the châteaux – the English gardens at Brissac are well worth a visit!