The Cadre noir in Saumur

The riding masters and horses of the Cadre noir are the pride of Saumur and their performances are renowned the world over. At the prestigious 'Ecole nationale d’équitation' riders are trained to the very highest level. Come and see them in action!

Cadre Noir de Saumur        

“Calm, forward and straight”

This is the Cadre noir’s golden rule of horsemanship. Look closely and you’ll see that it’s not just a motto, but a way of life.

Each year, 1,500 pupils have the privilege of honing their riding skills with coaching from the 45 instructors, known as écuyers, a name reminiscent of their military heritage.
Behind the scenes, the pupils, instructors, grooms, blacksmiths, indeed all the staff at the National Riding School contribute to its excellent reputation and all are equally proud of their 400 horses.

Visit the Cadre Noir and catch a glimpse of the meticulous training behind the breath-taking performances.

A kingdom for a horse!

The 'Ecole nationale d’équitation' boasts 6 schooling rings, 15 Olympic outdoor rings and over 50 km of training courses as well as workshops and a veterinary school. Every day, the écuyers train each of the six horses in their charge for up to an hour. The training sessions are open to the public so you can see the riders practice the famous equestrian ballet moves that never fail to impress audiences.

Come to a gala performance and marvel at the grace of the team work, applaud the riders’ skills and the wizardry of their mounts. Of course, the highlights are the technical jumps or airs for which the Cadre noir in Saumur is best known, the courbette, the croupade and the cabriole.
A visit to Saumur will be an unforgettable day for horse-lovers!